Choose from one of our 2 outstanding ranges detailed below

  • We have a choice of three different Menu styles
  • Our Celebration Menu is an A6 , 4page folded Menu and is ideal as both a Buffet Menu, Bar Menu or to highlight any special evening delights
  • Our Diamond Menu , is a conventional upright folded Menu and ideal when you you a number of speeches and also a varied Menu choice.
  • Our Exclusive Menu is very special, we call it a Bookmark Men.
    On the front you have a Menu with the Guest name personalised at the head. The middle sheet is usually a sheet of double sided metallic Gold or Silver. The back sheet is the details of the Celebrants, the Order of the evening events ands speeches and Toasts.

    The Menu is inserted into a serviette with the Guest name showing at the head or alternatively, stood against a Wine Glass. This very special Menu also replaces the Place card and ensures all Guest get a Menu.

All our Menus feature your choice of base material colour.

Diamond Menus

and Order of Events

  • The Diamond Menu is 200mm x 200mm, folded in half, to 100mm x 200mm deep
  • The front cover can feature a logo and Celebrants name and venue details
  • The inside cover will feature the Order of Events, Speeches and Toasts
  • On the opposite side to this will be the Menu
  • The back cover can feature a special message

Menu’s are packed in 10’s Minimum Quantity is 2 Packs. All pack prices include VAT

2 Packs £65.00 £6.50 each
4 Packs £40.00 £4.00 each
8+ Packs £25.00 £2.50 each

Exclusive Menus

Bookmark Menu – Order of Events on reverse

  • Our prestigious “bookmark Menu” is 100mm wide and 200mm deep.
  • The front is a Menu page printed on a 300 gsm card, a middle sheet, usually metallic gold or silver 250 gsm and an Order of Events printed on a 300 gsm card.
  • We feature the Guest name at the head of the menu and our prices below include the personalisation of those names.
  • The Toast side gives full details of the Celebrant(s), the venue and date, as well as detailing the Speeches and Toasts and bensching (as appropriate).
  • The card can be placed inside a serviette with the Guest Name visible or stood up against a Wine glass.
  • The style of the card makes it easy to incorporate and special logo or match an invitation.
  • The middle sheet of the card can also be varied to match a particular theme.

      Bookmark Place Cards are packed in 25’s. Minimum Quantity is 2 Packs. All pack prices include VAT

      2 Packs £85.00 £3.40 each
      4 Packs £55.00 £2.20 each
      8+ Packs £41.25 £1.65 each