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The exciting feature of our new range is that we can supply it with your own personalised cover.
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The Benschers4U range offers a choice of Hebrew, Hebrew/English, Hebrew/English and Transliteration.

We have introduced a stunning range of new Benschers, especially for Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s. Each option is available in “Hebrew” or “Hebrew and English” or “Hebrew, English and Transliteration. All the versions have been written and edited on our behalf by Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler. Each version of the Benschers features, in English, full traditional instructions for the Benching leader.

Our new range of 1/3A4 Benschers are a great idea for an informal Simcha Bensching in Hebrew only, can be Personalised on the front with the Celebrants details and the Venue, and on the back with a special Message to all the Guests.

Here we illustrate the popular Artscroll Simchon Benschers, the United Synagogue Benscher and other well known Benschers, all of which we can personalise especially for your Simcha.

Our 1/3A4 Order of Ceremony can be personalised with your own front cover, list of Ceremony participants and your own personal message to the Guest (Back cover) One of the great features of this exciting new booklet is that the text of the Ceremony will also be personalised for you.

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