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When we prepare a Table Plan, we never know until we get your guest list how a plan is going to look. If your surname is say “Lewis” there may be say 12 – 15 surnames starting with L. If you are a Bride and Groom and the Bride’s name is say Sarah Carmichael, there may also be a number of names starting with “C”. We also try our very best to make the plan look symmetrical.

We will always proof the Table Plan Header section to you but for the reasons stated above, never the final layout.

Finally, we strongly recommend that all plans show the guests name in alphabetical order.

Imagine if you are seated on Table No 18 – you then have to look through 17 other tables to find your name, however if its in an alpha format, you just look for the first letter of your surname – its much easier.

Finally, if you decide to use just first names, don’t forget to check if there are say two “Sarahs” on the same table. In that case, show the first letter of their surnames ie “Sarah C”and say “Sarah K”.

Don’t forget , you can always phone us – we’re here to help


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Special requests

Table plans are completely bespoke, so, if you have any special request regarding colour schemes layout etc, please detail it in full on the Special instruction box at the foot of this form.

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Exclusive Table Plan

When you place your order, you will need to supply a properly formatted Excel file with your guest names and table details.

If you have one already, please attach it to this order.

A1 Plans – £175 A2 Plans – £155

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Exactly how you wish it to appear

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